Havin’ the Craic

My favo(u)rite part of Ireland: Connemara! It’s red like this in November. At least some Irish people can locate it on a map, contrary to finding Co. Leitrim. I’ve never seen lecturers look so surprised as when they asked me where my family was from. (Also Co. Clare, but that’s easier to locate).


Anyways, while I was not researching  for my almost-finished thesis, I came across this video:

Woulda been helpful this time last year for the accents! 

P.S. The Franco-Moroccan crowdfunding campaign that I translated for on behalf of my friend and director Laetitia Gau was successful! I am happy about getting to be a part of it. Also, you can scroll down further on the page to see the campaign video with English subtitles. Filming starts in October/early November. I’m looking forward to the DVD. If anyone would like more info, or to contribute to the film in any way, give me a shout. Laetitia’s blog for the documentary (in French) is here.



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