Did Somebody Say “MOROCCO”?!

Yep, you read right. Morocco.

Who wants to go to Morocco?! I do.

Who is going to be filming a documentary in Morocco if they can meet their donation goal within the next 60 days (thanks to crowdfunding)?

Well, my friend Laetitia Gau is. The one I went to Toulouse with when she invited me for Christmas. She is currently completing her Masters in Screenwriting at NUI Galway.

She will be documenting (some of) the nomadic culture found in Morocco, looking at how the literal expansion of the desert, increasing tourism and globalisation affect certain tribes’ practices. She is going on a preliminary trip is in late May for initial research; the actual documentary filming will be late next fall (2015).

Click here to find out more about the film, help spread the word, and/or donate – and keep in mind that if you *do* feel inclined to contribute to the film, there are perks for you, too. Also, with crowdfunding – your contribution is automatically refunded if the crowdfunding goal is not met within the next 60 days. So, it can’t be a “wasted” investment!


(Laetitia’s mom took this photo on her own trip to Morocco last October).

In case it helps sway your decision, although I will not be going to Morocco (at least not this time), I did the English translation on the page (although L. had the final say) – so that’s my claim to fame for this film! ;)

If ye’ve any more questions about the above, please ask. Any word-of-mouth publicity and otherwise would also be appreciated!!

Merci/Shukran/Thank You and Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Did Somebody Say “MOROCCO”?!

  1. CAFE says:

    Hi Aunt Jenny!

    I will be home by next Thursday evening. If I knew what the next adventure was, I’d tell you! (Het is vaar) ;) I know what I’d like it to involve. Hopefully one happens as soon as possible – maybe I’ll meet someone famous at the airport? See you soon!


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