An Email From My Brother

A man of few words is how I would describe Jeremy. Initially. Except that is only surface level, because when he writes – and when he sends me an email like the one below – it is definitely worth sharing:


I wanted to send you this link to my MS 150 donation page in case you post it or forward it on:

Contributions go to the national multiple sclerosis society on my behalf.


Any donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated! In the spirit of “Mes Deux Pieds” (“My Two Feet”), Jeremy will be using his own two feet slightly differently and for a much better cause than merely walking around, running into walls, or hopping on a train: biking to help out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. So, please donate if you feel so inclined! If you could also forward it on to your friends, family, acquaintances or rich uncles who don’t know what to do with all of their money, as you deem appropriate, please do so!
The man himself: Jeremy in Montserrat, Spain (April 2013). (He was smart enough to bring sunglasses, unlike his little sister.) He is ready for the MS 150!

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