1 day, 12 miles

Arrived in Kildysart at 8h30. Greeted by Carmel, bought bread and croissants, drove from Ennis to Kildysart, then onto Labasheeda, which is an eight-mile walk from Kildysart (we did not do this particular walk). Once I have a video camera I plan to come back and do a mini-documentary of this eight-mile mini trek.

Carmel and I walked from Kildysart to Gortlass, near Bain, leaving around 2PM and getting back around five. Total walk: twelve miles. Not planned, but it wasn’t raining so we just kept walking. Numerous dogs, a few people, standing behind a van while cows were herded up a road, bathroom breaks in a cow field (we didn’t have many options so far out from the house), poneys, and Carmel either knowing or waving to everyone we came across — talk about an adventure! When nature called, we had to find appropriate foliage, hence the photos below when I hopped into a cow pasture, climbing over a gate and ducking under the electric one immediately behind it. . . Note “be safe” on the vest, worn for benefit of passing cars. (I only packed one outfit besides what I was wearing, but thankfully Carmel has a washing machine and a fireplace). The day, resumed below:

image   image



Halfway through our 12 mile walk.


Drying clothes and shoes that we “t’rew in t’e wash” by the fire (it had just died out). Note the cup of tea and Carmel’s excellent knitting!

The next evening, her sister came over. We had good craic with some soap opera watching and white wine and crisps (chips) of course. Which reminds me – introducing this gem of a soap opera (in Irish, the actual show is subtitled), courtesy of the Irish language channel TG4:


One thought on “1 day, 12 miles

  1. Anonymous says:


    If you are still there, please give my love to Carmel. Thanks for sharing.

    Love – Aunt Jo


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