Accentuate the positive

In the past 3 weeks . . .

Not too much has happened in particular.

I *did* get to order in French at a pâtisserie place here, which was fun.

Otherwise, I recently got a few free bags of crisps (chips) along with my glass of wine in a bar with my Irish classmates.  I tried to pay (it happened two different times in two different bars), but each time the bartender just waved his hand. One of my friends next to me, however, had to pay for his. Well.

Speaking of bars, I am drastically reducing going out to pubs spontaneously after class (at 4 and 5pm), as well as in the evenings. Taxi fare alone is a budget buster, so I will stay in my apartment and knit while my Irish roommates pre-drink and tan, blast their Rihanna over the movie I’m trying to watch in our kitchen-living-room, and then re-start once they eventually cram into a taxi to go clubbing in their five-inch heels.  That said, things are improving: we made a cleaning rota (schedule), so our apartment will be consistently clean instead of looking like a pasta explosion inside a microwave on a daily basis.  “Yer man” who checks the apartment for cleanliness every week will probably keel over tomorrow he’ll be so surprised that there aren’t putrid pizza boxes and piled-up dishes.

This video (watched by all my flatmates), if slightly exaggerated and not for the easily offended, is pretty accurate: 

The “Glenroe” bit is mocking an old Irish soap opera, where all the characters forget they have homework until Sunday evening.  Thankfully, accents in Galway are usually not that strong.

My programme keeps me busy, and I am volunteering for the Why Not? Adventure Film Festival that takes place on October 25th in Galway and October 30th in Castlebar.

More film fun: every Sunday the Galway Film Society shows a movie at the Town Hall Theatre. This semester, their focus is on the Southern Mediterranean (i.e., Israel, Syria, France, North Africa), so thankfully most of the films are in French or French and Arabic.  There is always a packed house and, last Sunday, I saw “Le Sac de Farine” (“A Bag of Flour”), an autobiographical film by Kadija Leclere.  They even had the co-writer there, Pierre-Olivier Mornas, to answer questions after the film. I even asked a question (surprise)!  So far, I have seen this film and “Le Passé” (“The Past”), by Asghar Farhadi, who directed “A Separation” (Iranian film), which won an Oscar.  The trailers are good, but nothing beats seeing the actual movie in a theatre.

If you can believe it, these films are still cheerier than the Irish plays we’ve had to read for theatre.

Last but never least, my American friend who is volunteering with L’Arche in Co. Cork is coming to visit me from Friday to Sunday! It is also her birthday this weekend. See you soon, J.!

Photo on 2014-09-13 at 14.04

From the one time I bought 125g of MIMOLLETE (the best kind I’ve ever that my host family always bought) – banned in the U.S., but found at Sheridan’s Cheesemonger’s across from the farmer’s market.


3 thoughts on “Accentuate the positive

  1. Anonymous says:

    Molly –

    We were talking about your posts at Molly Powers’ baby shower and they love your facebook page, of which I do not belong. If you have Aunt Mo’s email, pass along this post as well. She gets a kick out of your facebook page. Dad said that you are going to visit Carmel soon, please give Carmel, Patrick and Rita a “big hug” from me. Ask Rita if Patrick is “behaving” from me!

    One of these days, I am going to go back to Ireland with Uncle Mike, you stories bring such warm memories. Thanks for sharing.

    Love – Aunt Jo

  2. quoide9euf says:

    Aunt Jo –

    Thank you!! I’ll be sure to do that when I visit Carmel. I’ll pass the link to Aunt Mo in case she doesn’t have it (we are friends on facebook).

    Feel free to come visit :D

    Love you!


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