Un bon sens d’humour

In la salle des profs, among other things, professors will talk about how their classes went. At the school I teach at, any professor–English, math, physics–usually tells a pretty similar story, which very much resembles this video of a British comedy sketch (which also references Dr. Who, but just ignore that part). Except for at my school where a majority of the students are male, not surprising as it is a technical/trade high school as well as an post-high-school “professional school” for mechanics and engineering, which is a particular pathway in the French education system. Anyway, it’s a good thing most of the profs have a good sense of humour, or are so cynical that they are just as determined as some of the students are to not think differently and try new things. But let’s not get philosophical – this is, after all, only a blog. ;)

Beautiful place to go to after work (the mairie – ‘townhall’):


(Source: Wikimedia Commons, Author: chourmo86, Mar. 2012)



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