Tu veux regarder un film?

Two weeks since the last post? I forgot my password. And my username. After some ensuing H-E-double hockey sticks-on-earth involving multiple emails and a lack of patience on my part, I finally recovered my account.

In two weeks, I’ve: Skyped with American friends, gone to a party, skipped a class, completely finished one of my art history classes (except for the partial exam next week), read a book and watched a movie for litterature class.

Yeah, not quite like that ^^.

This week? I’ve re-written my notes for the partial exam; now I get to summarize them so that they are actually useful for this exam, which is based on about 30 different student presentations. For only six presentations out of these 30, I have 22 pages of single-spaced, 10-pt. font notes.

Needless to say, I stayed (and will still be) chez moi this week and the next. Seeing as this partial exam is more than one third of my grade (which I won’t know until February), I’d like to have something remotely intelligent to write during the (only!) one-hour time slot given to us to write about medieval age illuminated manuscripts. It is open-note, but when you have essentially 50 pages of non-bullet-point notes (since French students write in entire *paragraphs* and call them “notes”), it is only an illusion.

What are you doing from 8h30-9h30 next Friday morning? I can guess: work; kids; running errands; running a marathon. Me? In comparison, not much at all. I don’t even have a scheduled class that day, but it wouldn’t be culturally acceptable to show up in my PJs: I’ll have to get ready for the day just to go sit in a room for an hour, put pen to paper, and remember what I’ve learned. Or realize what I haven’t.

I mean, Descartes (little-known French philosopher ;) ) studied at the same university! Except for he studied law and then came up with his own philosophy. Worst Case Scenario: I write “I think, therefore I am . . . not writing this essay! A+, please and thank you”. You can cite René Descartes for that quote, although it may have been modified for the 21st century and very particular to my own situation.

Well, on a much lighter note, last week my host family and I went to see “Skyfall” . . . wait for it . . . in version orginale! Meaning, in ENGLISH with FRENCH subtitles, for once. It was surprisingly very entertaining.  Of course it takes place in Istanbul (could they have been more stereotypical with this film)?  The aesthetic effect of such a locale is impressive, however.

So, in case you haven’t caught on, my host family and I watch a film-critic-load of movies. Almost every evening, I’m asked “Tu veux regarder un film?“; usually, I do. This week, among other movies, we watched Starbuck. French-Canadian actors and it takes place in, where else, Quebec. *Not* for the kiddos, which means we watched it after Petit E. went to bed. The accents are hilarious (there were French subtitles for some sentences too “French-Canadian” in the movie); the actors are amazing, and the film is a must-see. Expect to cry from laughing so much. We watched it twice in one week.

À bientôt Colorado ( for Christmas)!


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