Monday Monday

*Potential photo bomb alert.*

Today I wandered around. No, first I went to class at 8h30. Then I worked on photography homework that isn’t due yet, but I don’t have a lot of free time, so . . . well, it’s what I did after class and the library. (By the way, I am on page five of my single-spaced paper! Wooooo)! Anyways, there are a lot of hills in Poitiers, so going exploring in the direction opposite the center of town was a good chance for a workout. The hills are as steep as in Asheville, so when it started to rain I had to run home (it’s really hard to run downhill on cobblestones without falling)! Actually, it’s just difficult to run. (So congrats on the marathon Uncle Alex)!

PS. I’m not allowed to use the flash for this class, so all the lighting is natural.


After the storm . . .


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